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A childhood friend came to visit me recently. When she saw and heard our unique composter on the back porch she wondered, what is that?

It was my husband’s latest invention, the AeromatiCo. When I explained that it is a compost bin specifically designed for food waste she was confused.

“Why would anyone need one?”

I realized in our busy lives, unless you are an avid gardener or interested in environmental studies, you may not be aware of composting nor why we should all be doing it.

I ran a quick search on google and found a great video from Boulder County explaining “What is Composting?” 

Composting is Mother Nature’s answer to recycling

All living matter follows a cycle that includes the decomposition of that matter into what we call compost.  Compost is a nutrient rich soil amendment.  Considered “black gold” by gardening experts, compost brings life to your lawn, garden, and houseplants. 

Compost contributes to more disease resistant plants that require less supplemental water and fertilizer. Not only is compost great for improving soil structure and growing healthy plants, it also helps reduce pollution.

Between 25-50% of all garbage that enters a landfill is organic waste 

Throwing your organic waste in the trash can cause leaky, smelly garbage bags.  If you throw away your food waste, you may need to take out your kitchen garbage bag at least 2 or 3 times each week.  This not only adds to the plastic in our landfills, but it also creates methane.  Methane is a greenhouse gas 20 times more toxic than carbon dioxide.  This is because organic waste in the landfill doesn’t get enough oxygen so it is decomposed anaerobically, which creates methane.

Composting your food waste is a great way to help save the environment.  Community composting is gaining popularity and a significant improvement to throwing away your waste or washing it down a garbage disposal. 

When you set up a composting solution in your backyard, you not only eliminate landfill gases but all the additional pollution caused by transportation of your waste. A home composting solution can be as simple as a pile in your yard, although, not everyone finds that practical.  You can find other suggestions on “Home Composting Methods” at The Spruce.

And, the easiest and most hassle free method to compost your food waste is the AeromatiCo.  Just add water and plug in the compost bin.  It draws about the same power as a 60 watt lightbulb.  You will never need to mix, tumble, monitor moisture or figure out complex carbon-to-nitrogen levels again.

Richard Rohr posted a daily meditation titled “The Cost of Consumption” in which he reminds us all, “with awareness comes opportunity and motivation for change”.  I hope this post helps to create more awareness and inspire more people to compost!

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What is Composting and Why Should I Compost My Food Waste? Learn more at, home of the world's first fully automatic composter. Composting is now clean + simple.
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