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The AeromatiCo composter DIY kit comes with everything you need to convert your own 55 gallon barrel into an AeromatiCo composter.  Don’t have a barrel?  In most areas used 55 gallon food grade barrels are easy to find and inexpensive due to FDA regulations of single use only. can be a great resource for locating used barrels.

Once assembled, the AeromatiCo liquid composter is a fully automatic, continuous process unit.  It transforms food waste into nutrient rich compost with only water and 60W of electricity.  Air is pumped into the compost bin to circulate the liquid and food scraps.  This enables aerobic microbes to flourish which digest the waste, eliminating odors (methane gas) and pests.  The unit produces a nutrient rich liquid compost that can be used at any time. AeromatiCo makes it possible to have a nutrient rich, biologically complete compost on tap for anytime and anywhere your soil needs revitalizing.

The DIY kit includes:

  • air pump (Matala Hakko 60L)
  • lid and flip top
  • filter
  • 3/4″ brass spigot
  • bulkhead connection
  • air tube and rubber elbow connector
  • stainless steel hardware
  • printed template
  • (55 gallon barrel is not included)

Check out this link to our unboxing Youtube video:

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Thank you for your interest in AeromatiCo!  We are confident that once you start using the liquid composter, you won’t believe how easy and how much fun composting can be.

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AeromatiCo is the world’s first fully automatic liquid composter! It is a no smell, no pest, continuous process compost bin and compost tea brewer.

Fully Automatic composter – Just add water and plug it in.  No more manual turning, mixing, or tumbling. No more monitoring moisture levels or adding costly additives. 

No Smell + No Pests – If you already separate your food waste, you know rotting food attracts insects and smells awful. Waiting for waste disposal or your community compost pick-up can be challenging.  Even when smelly food waste is added to the compost bin, the odor dissipates quickly.  The only smell is that of fresh earth. AeromatiCo was inspired by nature to aerobically transform your food waste into a nutrient rich liquid compost.

The Liquid Compost bin is fully enclosed and eliminates pests such as dogs, cats, rats, snakes, and bugs like cockroaches, centipedes, and flies.

Continuous Process means once the aerobic microbiome has been established, you never need to wait to add more waste or use the liquid compost tea on your lawn, garden, and houseplants.

2 reviews for DoItYourself Composter Kit (free shipping)

  1. John Amsterdam

    We bought the AeromatiCo composter earlier this year and are now very happy to have it in our home. It couldn’t be easier to use and the difference in our plants and trees since we started using it is truly amazing. We deposit our fruit and veggie scraps in the AeromatiCo daily, so we always have 30-40 gallons of high quality liquid fertilizer on hand – it’s incredible. Every serious gardener should have one.

    • Ann Paxton

      We are so glad you are happy with the composter. We love hearing from our customers how the liquid compost tea is working in your gardens.

  2. Suzette Plaisance Bryan

    As someone who has had three (yes, three) tumbling composters, four worm composters and a myriad of do-it-yourself home composting systems, I can honestly state this is the best system I’ve used. There are no rats, insects or awful smells and the compost tea is fabulous for my herbs and flowers. I have recommended it to many of my environmentally minded friends. It also is exceptionally well-made: I’ve had mine for almost two years and the motor is running quite efficiently still.

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