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About AeromatiCo

AeromatiCo, LLC is family owned and operated based in Houston, TX.  Established in 2017, the company’s mission is to change the world by making it easy to compost food waste.  Our product is a revolutionary, fully automatic liquid compost bin that is easy to use and helps save the environment.

AeromatiCo is committed to making positive social and environmental impact.  We want to help as many people compost as possible because it diverts organic waste from landfills, reduces carbon emissions, saves water and restores the living biology to soil.  

We are committed to low impact manufacturing.  The industrial design leverages a repurposed food safe 55 gallon drum to reduce our manufacturing footprint and reuse food industry plastic barrels. AeromatiCo’s vision is to increase the number of households that compost food waste by 60 million, helping reduce over 2 gigatons of carbon from the atmosphere by 2050. 

Who Are We?

Ann Paxton, MBA

(Accelion, Fidelity, Accenture, & PwC)
Former Human Resources Executive, Kiss the Ground Soil Advocate, Soil Food Web Trainee, Certified Yoga Instructor, Wife, and Mother

Ann is deeply commited to holistic living, incorporating healthy lifestyle choices to improve the environment in hopes of passing on an appreciation for Mother Earth to the next generation.

As we pursue AeromatiCo as a business, it has uncovered the possibility to help restore carbon to our depleted soils improving fertility, biodiversity, and overall health.

Dan Scott, Masters Mechanical Engineering

(Pacific Drilling, National Oilwell Varco, 3M)
Inventor, Subsea Engineer, Gardner, Surfer, Husband, and Father

Dan created the AeromatiCo composter to address the issues of traditional composting. His wife, Ann, wanted a bin in close proximity to the kitchen but would not tolerate the smell and common pests associated with decomposing food waste (cockroaches, maggots, and rodents). No one wanted to turn, mix, or manage the ratios as needed with typical composting. Marrying the technologies of a number of concepts including waste treatment and compost tea brewing, AeromatiCo was born.

This is the first and only automated, continuous process, pest and odor resistant composter available today. Food waste is decomposed and available for use as liquid compost tea in a fraction of the time of normal composting solutions. Just plug it in and add water.

Composting is now clean and simple.

AeromatiCo Creator Interview

AeromatiCo automatic composter - clean and simple composting. Pomegranate seeds and limes.

let’s make composting easy again