It looks too good to be true.  The two plants were actually cut from the same mother and were planted in identical, high quality soil.  The only difference is that only water was used on the left, and AeromatiCo was used on the right.

Buuuuut, is AeromatiCo really quick and easy?

NO!  Composting is never quick and easy!

Why are you even listening to me?  You know I am biased towards AeromatiCo.  I developed and have been using this system for more than 8 year running.  Although I do love my AeromatiCo food composter, it is not the perfect, magical composter you are probably hoping for.  I still love my compost piles (I have 3) and my tumblers (I have 2), and my worm bin (I have 1).  As you know, that’s a lot of composting living in Houston suburbia with my home owner’s association and only having a 1/3 acre lot.

OK, here’s the deal.  I’m a horrible marketer and can’t figure out how to sell my composter.  So, instead of giving up, I’m offering anyone in Houston a free composter.  It is yours for, let’s say 3 months.  I’ll deliver it, set it up, and give you some pointers to get started.  If you are not in love with it after 3 months, then I’ll come by and pick it up for no charge.  But, if you really, really love it, you can buy it at a discounted price (much less than what I am currently asking).  If you are interested, use the Facebook chat in the lower right corner or call or text me at 832-785-0240.  Or we can just chat about composting.  If I don’t answer my phone, try WhatsApp, as I travel out of the country frequently.  I’m pretty knowledgable in compost piles, tumblers, and worm bins.  I love organic gardening and try to compost everything I can.  We can just chat about that if you want.

Just in case this gets out of hand, let’s limit this to the first 5 requesters, and we’ll go from there.  I’ll keep you updated as far as how many people are signed up.  So far 0 but I’m just publishing this today, 25 December 2021.