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Frequently Asked Questions

For best results, you should stick to plant-based food waste. Some items break down faster than others.  For example, lettuces and tender peels will disappear much faster than chunks of fibrous waste.  Avocado seeds and stone fruit pits will take much longer to decompose, but can be added.  Avoid especially hard items such as the outer portion of a coconut. Egg shells, vegetable & fruit peels, cores, and seeds, and small amounts of grains (such as rice or bread) break down easily.

Just add water and your plant-based food waste.  Some gardeners choose to add a catalyst or supplements when brewing compost tea.  You could use unsulphered molasses or purchase a commercial catalyst in garden centers or online just before you want to use your liquid compost.  However, this is not necessary. Other supplements that you may want to add to the liquid fertilizer include fish emulsion or powdered seaweed. 

Every barrel of compost liquid will be different depending on the types of food waste that you are adding. We have had the liquid compost tested by Texas A & M and found it to include many of the nutrients plants need to grow. Studies show the liquid compost has moderate levels of nitrogen making it suitable for regular use.  The compost liquid is unlikely to burn your plants even when used without dilution.

First, determine if the air is circulating and pump is working properly.  If you notice an odor it indicates either a) there is not enough oxygen or b) you have overloaded the bin.  Once you have confirmed that the pump is working properly, stop adding food waste for a few days.  Do not unplug the unit.  It is important to keep the air circulating and allow time for the microbes to decompose the current waste. Once the odor subsides, you may begin adding waste to the bin again.  For best results, limit the amount of waste to one half gallon of plant based food scraps.  Always follow the instructions or send us a message so that we can help you resolve the issue.

If the power is out for a short time, the bin will be fine.  When the power returns you may notice a slight odor.  In the event that power will be disconnected for the unit for more than a few days, empty the bin.  To do so, simply drain the liquid out using the spigot.  There will still be liquid and waste in the bottom of the bin.  Remove the lid and the pump.  Tilt the barrel and empty via the top opening.

The best part of the AeromatiCo is the ability to put it in close proximity to where you generate your food waste.  It’s best in a covered area close to a water source and electrical outlet.  It performs well in a garage, on a patio, back porch, or below an overhang somewhere just outside your home.  For those living in a colder climates, you may even consider keeping it in a basement. The liquid composter works optimally in moderate weather.  Avoid excessive exposure to direct sun that can increase the temperature of the water beyond the ability for the aerobic micro organisms to survive.

The AeromatiCo is guaranteed against manufacturing defects and the air pump includes a 3 year warranty. We recommend typical part maintenance. Kits for this purpose are available.

For issues or questions regarding the warranty or life cycle of the AeromatiCo, please contact us directly.

Helpful Tips + Troubleshooting

  • Ensure the air pump is plugged in
  • Ensure the electrical outlet has power and the circuit breaker has not tripped
  • If electrical power is present, but the air pump does not run, the air pump needs to be repaired or replaced
  • Check the air pump elbow and tubing connections for leaks. 
  • If the connections are fine, the air pump or tubing may need to be rebuilt.
  • Un-screw the spigot.
  • Replace the teflon tape.
  • Re-install the spigot.
  • Be careful to not over tighten the spigot.  It could strip the connection.
  • Replace the spigot
  • Stop adding new waste material into the composter
  • Ensure pump is functioning properly with air bubbling through the composter
  • The leading cause of odors is overloading the composter.  If overloaded, the odor should subside in a few days if no new material is added
  • Water liquid level in the composter is too high.  Remove liquid compost to reduce the liquid level
  • Install the compost heater
  • Move indoors to a heated location


  • Add water while removing compost tea until desired consistency and the optimal fill level of ~40 gallons is reached
  • Turn off and empty the composter
  • Replace the compost receptacle
AeromatiCo automatic composter - clean and simple composting. Pomegranate seeds and limes.

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