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When Dan, my husband, created the first version of the AeromatiCo, I had tried everything.  I knew composting was good for plants and we wanted to plant more fruits and vegetables.  There’s something so much better about biting into a cucumber or tomato grown in your own garden.  

I also knew that composting our food waste was significantly reducing our trash.  Without the rotten food scraps, I could wait an entire week before I needed to change out the kitchen garbage bag.  Previously, the odors required taking our trash out at least 3 times each week.  

But, when I threw the compost into a pile, I was just moving the odors outside to a corner of the yard.  We started seeing evidence of rodents in the yard near the house. So we bought a worm chalet, believing that vermiculture would be a better solution.  It was more complicated to keep the worms happy and soon maggots had taken up residence.  

I finally told Dan I needed a better solution.  

Lucky for me, he’s a brilliant engineer.  He began researching and experimenting.  Before long, he had married technologies from waste water treatment and compost tea brewing.  It worked like a charm. 

Finally, a fully automatic, no smell, no pest compost bin.  And, we started using the liquid compost in a fraction of the time of traditional composting.  

Over time, I started becoming more aware of the environmental impact of our convenience based lifestyle.  We never intended to assemble and sell our compost bin as a product.  But, the more we realized how interested our friends were in what “that thing was on our back porch”, the more we realized we had a social responsibility to share it.  

We are committed to doing what we can to live a more sustainable lifestyle.  When we got serious about launching the company I began working on a business plan.  I learned how composting can change the world by reducing carbon emissions, eliminating ground water contamination, and revitalizing depleted soil. 

Today, we are thrilled to be able to offer a completely new solution in composting that we believe offers the ease and convenience that will encourage more people to take that step.   

We can’t wait to inspire more people to “Do the Rot Thing!”


The AeromatiCo Story - how one couple solved the challenge of clean and simple composting
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