About the AeromatiCo Composter

AeromatiCo is the world’s first fully automatic liquid composter! It is a patent pending no smell, no pest, continuous process compost bin.

Fully Automatic composter – Just add water and plug it in.  No more manual turning, mixing, or tumbling. No more monitoring moisture levels or adding costly additives.

No Smell + No Pests – If you already separate your food waste, you know rotting food attracts insects and smells awful. Waiting for waste disposal or your community compost pick-up can be challenging.  Even when smelly food waste is added to the compost bin, the odor dissipates quickly.  The only smell is that of fresh earth. AeromatiCo was inspired by nature to aerobically transform your food waste into a nutrient rich liquid compost

The Liquid Compost bin is fully enclosed and eliminates pests such as dogs, cats, rats, snakes, and bugs like cockroaches, centipedes, and flies.

Continuous Process means once the aerobic micro-biome has been established, you never need to wait to add more waste or use the liquid compost on your lawn, garden, and houseplants.

let’s make composting easy again

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Composing methods comparison chart. Compare AeromatiCo, the world's fully automated compster to other popular methods of composting.

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AeromatiCo liquid composter uses standard 110 volt AC power. The low power consumption is equivalent to a 60 watt light bulb. The aerating pump is equipped with overload protection with an auto off/on switch for overheat situations. UL and CE listed for indoor/outdoor use with 6 foot power cord.

The compost bin emits the sound of the air bubbles flowing thru the liquid compost. The average decibel rating of the unit in operation is 63.

Life Cycle / Warranty:

Guaranteed against manufacturing defects, the air pump includes a year warranty. We recommend typical part maintenance. Kits for this purpose are available.

Weights, Capacities, and Dimensions:
  • Depth: 27 inches
  • Width: 24 inches
  • Height: 44 inches
  • Empty weight: 38 pounds
  • Total weight of composter with liquid compost: 500 pounds

Set-up Instructions

  1. Assemble the compost bin
  2. Fill the blue barrel with 40 gallons of water (the water level will be approximately 2/3 full)
  3. Insert the plug into a 110v power outlet
  4. Begin adding organic waste (up to 2L per day)

Additional Information

AeromatiCo automatic composter has a maximum capacity of 50 gallons.  The unit accommodates the food waste volume of a typical single family household.  Up to 2L of plant-based organic waste can be composted daily.

AeromatiCo creates a micro biome that digests the food waste automatically. Aerobic micro-organism populations are well established within a month.  At this point your automatic composter will smell like freshly moved earth. You may notice the scent of ammonia or vinegar until the micro-biome has stabilized. Some foods are especially pungent (for example, kale, brussels sprouts, and cauliflower).  Adding large amounts may cause a temporary odor. If you notice an unpleasant smell or the liquid turns a very light brown, stop adding additional food scrapes until the smell dissipates or the color stabilizes.  The liquid compost should be dark brown in color.

Liquid compost can be taken from the composter after the initial month.  As liquid compost is removed, additional water is added to maintain the original water level. You should only remove liquid to the level of the nutrient spigot.  If you use more liquid compost at one time, you may need to allow the micro biome time to reestablish.

Aerobic decomposition requires oxygen, water, and food waste at mild ambient temperatures.  AeromatiCo creates the perfect balance of water and oxygen so that the microorganisms can quickly compost food waste into nutrient dense liquid.

AeromatiCo runs optimally at temperatures of 60 deg F (15 deg C) to 90 deg F (32 deg C).  Aeromatico should not be run in freezing conditions. If you live in a colder climate, we recommend you set up your AeromatiCo automatic composter inside a garage or otherwise enclosed space that does not drop below freezing. Likewise, if the unit is positioned in direct intense sunlight it may overheat the unit.  The pump will shut off automatically, however, the aerobic micro organisms that digest the waste are unable to survive in extreme heat.  We recommend keeping the AeromatiCo liquid composter in a shaded area if you live in a warmer climate.

FAQ + User Tips

the AeromatiCo fully automatic composter

AeromatiCo automatic composter - clean and simple composting. Pomegranate seeds and limes.

let’s make composting easy again