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We measure soil biology.


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We measure living populations of the following microorganisms:





Our biological assessment measures soil microbe diversity giving insights into soil heath and the state of succession in the soil.
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Below is a sample report.

Procedure for taking a sample:

  1. Place the soil or compost sample in a quart size or larger ziplock bag.
  2. Write your name, date, location, and type of sample on the outside of the bag.
  3. If preparing a soil sample, place 3 core samples in the bag.  Ideally, the core samples should be 1 inch in diameter and 3 inches deep after scraping off the top layer of leaves and other organic debris from the soil.  If sampling the soil of a plant or tree, the 3 samples should be taken randomly, half way between the trunk and the drip line.
  4. If preparing a compost sample, take 5 or more tablespoon size samples of compost throughout the compost pile and place them all in the ziplock bag.
  5. The ziplock bag should be 1/3 full or less.  Do not press out the air from the bag.  The air will allow the microorganisms to survive the trip to the lab.
  6. Ship the sample to us as quickly as possible, and let us know when the sample will arrive by texting 832-785-0240 so that we can complete the analysis without delay.