for your garden

We designed our system with the serious organic gardener in mind.

  1. The liquid fertilizer is extremely potent yet will not burn your plants because the nutrients are locked up in the microorganisms.  The billions of microbes naturally time release nutrients as bi-products of their biological functions.
  2. Fifty gallons of liquid fertilizer are always on tap and ready to use.  The filter holds back all un-composted materials, allowing only fully composted fertilizer to pass through.  Just open the spigot.
  3. Fertilizer inputs (food waste) can be added at any time.  It’s as easy as flipping the lid and dumping them in.
  4. Because it is odor free, mess free, and pest free, the garage is a great place to run the unit.

We are offering free delivery, setup, and tutorial in the Houston area.  This offer includes a full money back guarantee.

AeromatiCo automatic composter - clean and simple composting

how it works

We use the power of air to quickly and easily transform food scraps into a rich organic fertilizer in liquid form.  The liquid organic fertilizer is easily applied to gardens with a watering bucket.  Simply add food scraps daily and water your garden with the liquid organic fertilizer that it creates.  The system is fully automatic with no mixing, turning, or sifting, and no worrying about rodents, maggots, or other creepy crawlies.  And, best of all, there are no bad smells.

How to compost food easily. Here is the simple and clean 5 step method to creating liquid compost using the AeromatiCo composter.
AeromatiCo automatic composter - clean and simple composting
Easy composting

The key to healthy plants is healthy soil.  Our unit builds healthy soil with every application by adding organic matter and billions of beneficial microbes.  Plants love organic, biodiverse living soil.

Liquid Fertilizer

Drop in your food waste at any time.  I throw mine in daily.  The industrial air pump does all the work of aeration and mixing.  NO WAITING.  The fertilizer is always ready to be used.  Just open the spigot to feed your garden.

Save money on energy while making liquid compost tea with the AeromatiCo

Yes, the air pump consumes energy, but only 60 Watts which costs about $5 per month.  But, the electricity is a small price to pay for the valuable fertilizer that is produced.  Replace costly organic fertilizers with the biodiverse liquid fertilizer that is always on tap and ready to build living soil.

what’s the secret?

There is no secret, and that is why we provide do-it-yourself instructions for free.  We want everyone to know how easy it is to turn food waste into rich organic fertilizer that builds living soil in our gardens.

Food waste is one of the most difficult inputs to compost because it is hard to keep the process aerobic.  And, at first, our method seems crazy.  Obviously, air is needed for aerobic composting, so why submerge the kitchen waste in water?  Water logged compost piles smell bad and are disgusting.  But actually, water is not the enemy.  The real enemy is a lack of oxygen because without oxygen anaerobic bacteria take over the composting process and cause the horrible, putrid smells.

why compost in water?

  1. Water is easy to oxygenate.  We use an industrial air pump that continuously and reliably delivers 60 liters of air to the compost bin.  The pump does all the work of keeping the process aerobic which make the process trouble free, and more importantly, odor free.
  2. Water is easy to mix.  Again, the industrial air pump does all the work.  The air is pumped into the bottom of the compost bin, and as it rises it creates what we call a “rolling boil”.  This continuous mixing maximizes the oxygenation of the water and speeds up the composting process by mechanically breaking down the compost.
  3. Water makes the process clean because it is impossible for pests like rats, snakes, maggots, and other creepy crawlies to get into the compost fertilizer.
  4. Water is the medium that allows the process to be continuous, meaning that new kitchen scraps can be added and liquid fertilizer can be dispensed at any time.  The spigot filter only allows the finished fertilizer to pass while holding back the un-composted materials.
Compost Tea

making composting easy

why offer free instructions?

We make our money by selling our composter, but it is a grass roots product with the majority of our sales coming from word of mouth.  Therefore, our strategy is to offer free instructions to build the composter yourself with no commitment to buy from us.  We’ve tried to write the instructions as detailed as possible because we need you to be successful.  We know that if you are successful, you will become our best marketer.

The key here is to remember that we need you.  Please feel free to contact us about your DIY build.  We would love to see your progress as well as help with any issues you may have.  We’ve been building these composters for many years and have learned lots. The chat tool on this page is a great way to get a quick response.


A biodiverse microbiome within the soil is the basis for a biodiverse environment.  As avid backyard gardeners, we love to surround our home with tons of plants because they in turn attract a wide variety of wildlife that takes sanctuary in our yard.  And, that wildlife completes the delicate balance that is critical for success.

As we observe nature, we find ourselves working more in harmony with her.  In our journey, we are perfecting a system for regenerating the soil by increasing biodiversity and restoring organic matter. We have developed the  world’s first liquid composter that provides a biodiverse, nutrient rich liquid fertilizer on demand. We feed our garden daily with the liquid fertilizder, building our living soil to produce strong, healthy plants.

soil food web

How did we hack nature’s decomposition process?  The answer is simple.  We have created the perfect aerobic environment to support a complex food web including bacteria, protozoa, nematodes and other micro arthropods. (Click here to see the microbes in action). Just add regular additions of plant based waste (from your own kitchen). We add all types of food waste such as fruits, vegetables, egg shells, coffee grinds, tea bags, grains, cereals, breads, and pastas.

The liquid fertilizer inoculates the soil with a diverse set of beneficial organisms and organic matter (humus) to support a perfect biological equilibrium. Because of this, plants are more disease resistant, healthier, and more productive. The proof is our bountiful yields of nutritious and delicious food.

living soil

Although the liquid fertilizer is nutrient rich, we never have to worry about “burning” our plants. This is because the nutrients are locked up in the microorganisms themselves.  Microorganisms activate nutrient cycling which slowly and steadily releases all the nitrogen, phosphorus, and magnesium as well as all the micronutrients plants need to thrive.  We are essentially relinquishing control and letting mother nature do what she does best.  That process is best described as the “soil food web” and “living soil” is what is created.

as featured on

as featured on

AeromatiCo liquid composter was a featured participant at Renew & Regenerate: Compost 2019, a USCC Conference & Tradeshow

2nd place winner!

Liquid fertilizer
AeromatiCo automatic composter - clean and simple composting

introducing AeromatiCo

AeromatiCo offers a fully automatic liquid composter that provides a biodiverse and nutrient rich soil drench that regenerates the living soil. The industrial design repurposes a food safe plastic drum, significantly reducing the environmental impact of manufacturing.

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How to compost food
AeromatiCo automatic composter - clean and simple composting

featured benefits

Why everyone should compost & how AeromatiCo makes it easy

AeromatiCo - Live Responsibly, Save the Planet - Composting Made Clean + Simple

we all want to…

change the world

  • reduce carbon footprint and feel good about properly disposing your food waste
  • improve sanitation and health
  • help protect the environment

the AeromatiCo is…

simple to use

  • just plug it in and add water!
  • automatically transforms food waste
  • no more time-consuming and complicated composting (eliminates mixing, turning and sifting)
AeromatiCo fully automatic composter for clean and odor-free composting! From cutting board to healthy plants!
AeromatiCo fully automatic composter for clean and odor-free composting! Grow healthier plants with compost tea!

it allows you to…

grow healthier plants

  • grow stronger, disease-resistant plants
  • replenish depleted soil with nutrient-rich liquid compost
  • feel good watering your plants with your own liquid compost

AeromatiCo helps you…

save money

  • energy efficient design
  • no need to buy anything more (no additives, filters or tools)
  • eligible for local rebate programs
Best Compost
AeromatiCo fully automatic composter for environmentally-friendly, clean and odor-free composting! Tall redwood sequoia trees.

AeromatiCo Composter is…

environmentally – friendly

  • low impact manufacturing leverages repurposed food safe plastic drum
  • eliminates need for supplemental water, fertilizers and pesticides
  • no more wasting water, clogging up your garbage disposal, or taxing water treatment facilities


clean + odor-free* composting

  • odor free *when used as directed
  • place in close proximity (for example garage, basement or patio)
  • fully contained and designed to eliminate insects, pests and other animals (cockroaches, maggots, rats, snakes, etc.)
AeromatiCo fully automatic composter for environmentally-friendly, clean and odor-free composting! Messy, stinky, smelly compost.